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Issues & Stances

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Strengthening Our Economy

Broken Washington D.C. policies have caused runaway prices on everything from gas to groceries. I believe Missouri needs to return tax dollars to the people, support small businesses, prioritize job creation, and foster a climate of economic development. I voted for measures in the senate to put tax dollars back in the pockets of Missouri families, and I supported resolutions calling on Congress to make the U.S. energy independent. I’ve filed legislation to cut back on burdensome, job-killing regulations and red tape. I am proud to be endorsed by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce because of my commitment to making Missouri a better place for small businesses to create jobs and grow the economy. 

Fighting for Our Kids

I believe every child has a right to a quality K-12 education. In the senate, I voted to fully fund our schools and raise starting teacher pay.  I voted to give parents more say over their children’s education. I oppose attempts by the federal government to dictate to local schools how to educate our kids.  Parents, not Washington D.C. bureaucrats, should be empowered to make decisions concerning the education of Missouri’s children. In addition, I am committed to supporting career technical education. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I secured millions of dollars in the budget for the construction of a new Northland Career Center and state-of-the-art equipment upgrades at Hillyard Technical Center. 

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Standing up for Law and Order

I have been an unwavering supporter of law and order. Missouri’s two largest cities were listed among the Top 10 most dangerous in America. I spearheaded reforms to the state’s criminal code by passing laws to end the catch-and-release of dangerous felons.  When Kansas City attempted to defund the KCPD, I led the fight to push back, and passed a bill to ensure our police officers have the money they need to keep our communities safe. I am proud to be endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police for my commitment to public safety.

Lower Taxes

I have been a consistent fighter for lower taxes for all Missourians.  Since being elected to the Missouri Senate, I have passed legislation to protect homeowners from runaway real estate assessment hikes. I’ve sponsored legislation to exempt disabled veterans from property taxes and cap real estate taxes for all homeowners. I helped push legislation to reduce the state income tax and keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Missouri families. As your senator, I will continue to fight every day for Missouri taxpayers. 

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Protecting Life

Human life is sacred. It is the role of government to ensure the protection of all innocent human life, particularly when it comes to the lives of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. In the senate, I voted to prevent taxpayer money from being used to fund abortions and also fought to secure money for pregnancy resource centers that offer alternatives to abortion. My campaign is endorsed by Missouri Pro Life.

Second Amendment

One of my earliest memories growing up was my first deer season hunting in a tree stand with my dad at our family farm. I believe we need to protect the rights of Missourians to keep and bear arms both for recreation and to protect themselves and their families. In the state senate, I have been a tireless advocate for the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Missourians. I'm proud to have the endorsement of the NRA in my race.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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Affordable Healthcare

Ensuring quality and affordable healthcare for our citizens, particularly our children and seniors, is critically important.  I support increasing access to healthcare by fostering more choices for patients and reducing bureaucratic burdens on patients and physicians to make prescription drugs and healthcare cheaper.  I also helped pass legislation to increase accessibility to group health insurance for small business owners to help them provide quality and affordable health insurance to their employees.

Supporting Missouri’s Farmers

My great-great grandfather settled in Missouri and purchased a farm in the late the 1800s.  That farm remains in my family today.  Agriculture is Missouri's leading industry. In the senate, I have supported measures to protect farmers from having their land seized by private corporations.  I also voted to roll back government regulations that unreasonably restrict the rights of Missouri’s farmers to farm their land.  I am honored to have the endorsement of the Missouri Farm Bureau and many of our state's other leading agricultural groups. 

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